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  • Model Requirements with Actor & Use Case diagrams
  • Model Entities and Services with Class diagrams
  • Model Business Processes with Activity diagrams
  • Model User Interface Page Flows with Pageflow (State Machine) diagrams

Code Generation

  • Generate EJB3 Entity Beans
  • Generate Java 5 Enumerations
  • Generate EJB3 Stateless Session Beans + JWS Web Services
  • Generate JaxWS Clients
  • Generate dependency injection based on UML dependency notation
  • Generate JMX MBeans
  • Generate all deployment descriptors
  • Generate JUnit Tests for SLSBs and Seam CRUD components which leverage the JBoss Embedded Container
  • Generate Maven Ejb3, Jar, War, and Ear project pom.xml files
  • Generate Maven APT documentation from UML comments
  • Generate JSF/JBoss Seam code for CRUD pages with SFSB Managed Beans and Facelets and Richfaces and Localization
  • Generate JSFUnit tests for each CRUD UI
  • Generate Seam PDF List and Detail Reports for each Entity
  • Generate Taylor Bpm business process message driven beans (MDBs) as described in AOP-Enabled ESB

Reverse Engineering

  • Reverse engineer database schema into class diagrams
  • Reverse engineer Java 5 annotations into UML Stereotypes
  • Reverse engineer WSDL into interface diagrams

Future Releases

Future releases will include the following:

  • (all suggestions welcome - see the Contribute page)

See Feature Request database for more details.

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