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Taylor MDA 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 has been released! It has been a while since the last official release. Here are some new features:

New Features:

  • Eclipse 3.7 compatibility
  • Updated Utility Menus
  • Updated Generation Menus and Preferences
  • Conditional Templates
  • Upgrade to JBoss 5.1
  • Upgrades - Seam, RichFaces, JSF2 in compatibility mode
  • Builder classes are generated for JPA entities and packaged in test jar
  • QA projects leverage Selenium+, Fitnesse, and SOAP UI (JSFUnit has been dropped)
  • Business processes generated to bpm suffix
  • New JWS/JRS/JAXB support with jws, jrs, and jwsc project suffixes
  • Taylor Auditing now uses Envers
  • Taylor Identity supports Partitioning/Multi-Tentancy
  • Taylor Identity supports Seam DB and Rules based Permissions
  • JMX Annotations with persistence
  • Import/Export now uses XStream instead of Betwixt

Taylor MDA 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 has been released! It has been a while since the last official release. Here are some new features:

New Features:

Taylor MDA 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 has been released! Here are some new features:

  • Switched from generating Portlet Apps to generating Web Apps
  • Advanced Search Filters and Saved Filters
  • Seam Theme support
  • Seam Excel support
  • Data XML Import/Export
  • User, Group and Profile Maintenance (see taylor-identity model)
  • Upgrade of Seam and Richfaces libraries
  • Eclipse 3.4 compatibility
  • Various fixes and improvements

Taylor MDA 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 has been released! Here are some new features:

  • Refactored Generation menus and added Preferences page
  • Refactored generated Maven projects and added master project
  • Richfaces Tree and more leveraged in generated CRUD screens
  • JPA Annotation utilities menu
  • JSFUnit generation
  • JIRA integration
  • A new default portal theme
  • Plus lots of tweaks and fixes

Taylor MDA 1.0.0 GA

The first GA version has been release!!!

We recently used Taylor on a project for a customer which resulted in a lot of valuable improvements to the tool. We now feel that the project is no longer in beta and we are adjusting the numbering scheme to 1.0.0. All the various components will have the same version number to help indicate what works together.

Below is a list of new features and bug fixes. Find details here. And many other tweaks were added.

Feature Requests

  • 1755010 - Upgrade to Eclipse 3.3
  • 1574637 - Upgrade JBoss
  • 1754860 - Provide JBoss RichFaces Support
  • 1754865 - Leverage Facelets Templates and Tags
  • 1754868 - Generate Seam PDF files
  • 1695173 - Provide fine grained generate menu
  • 1690730 - Provide support for embeddable entities
  • 1695012 - Add View mode to CRUD UI generation
  • 1695170 - Generate Pages under the web-inf directory

Taylor MDA 0.0.4 Release

Version 4 has been release! Below is a list of new features and bug fixes. Find details here. And many other tweaks were added.

Feature Requests

  • 1552269 - Generate multiple projects: Ejb, War, and Ear
  • 1558254 - Divide the generator plugin into multiple plugins
  • 1528518 - Generate Design Documentation from a Model
  • 1558243 - Generate Seam JUnit Tests
  • 1588867 - Generate JaxWS client project
  • 1529690 - Add support for JasperReports
  • 1548807 - Add Page Flow Diagram Editor
  • 1546159 - Make String the default Type for Properties
  • 1559037 - Generate Dashboard Chart Portlets
  • 1584663 - Add generation of security configuration
  • 1542073 - Add generation of JBoss Clustering and Caching descriptors
  • 1576600 - Adding CRUD and Primary Key patterns
  • 1574637 - Upgrade JBoss
  • 1586488 - Add EL support for conditions on Activity Transitions
  • 1572776 - Add Fork, Join, and Timer nodes to Activity Diagram


  • 1589383 - Deleting an Element does not delete the applied stereotypes
  • 1546223 - Annotations not generated for service operation parameters
  • 1546156 - Performance issue with Documentation Tab
  • 1618418 - After saving the model , the model can not be displayed
  • 1546152 - Controlling a model gets the following error
  • 1587265 - Labels on M2M associations are backwards
  • 1579053 - types.Byte[] should generate as byte[]
  • 1579051 - @Column length property should be type int

Taylor Reverse Engineering 0.0.1 Release Notes

  • This release supports importing database schema to generate a uml model.
  • It requires and works with Taylor MDA 0.0.3.
  • See the tutorial for details.
  • Future releases will import WSDL, Java Interfaces, and Java Annotations

Taylor MDA 0.0.3 Release Notes

This is the 3rd Alpha release of Taylor MDA, which is intended to elicit interest, feedback, and contributions.


This release is based on the Eclipse 3.2 Callisto release. This is important because it provides a solid foundation for future Taylor releases. Up to this point I have had to spend a lot of time just upgrading to each Callisto milestone. The following JBoss components are supported:

  • AS4.0.4GA-SP1 with EJB-3.0 RC8-FD
  • EJB-3.0 Embeddable ALPHA 8
  • Seam 1.0.1GA
  • Portal 2.2.1-SP2

The following other Taylor components are utilized:

  • taylor-commons-0.0.2
  • taylor-bpm-0.0.1
  • taylor-tracker-0.0.2

New Features

  • Dynamic Templates for overriding and adding new templates. This is very useful for working around template bugs.
  • Message Driven Beans are generated from activity diagrams to create business processes. This utilizes Taylor Bpm, which is based on my JDJ article AOP-Enabled ESB. This is stable, but still a work in progress. So please feel free to use it and ask questions on the forum.
  • Tabbed Properties have been added for the most common properties.
  • JMX profile and templates are provided for defining MBeans with JBoss annotations.
  • EJB-3.0 Embeddable ALPHA 8 supports Security, so the security configuration is generated for junit testing.

Taylor MDA 0.0.2 Release Notes

This 2nd alpha release adds generation JSF/Seam code for CRUD portlets.

Taylor MDA 0.0.1 Release Notes

This alpha release focuses on using Class diagrams for modeling and generating EJB3 entity beans, session beans, and containerless unit tests.

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